Every now and then fashion trend changes. From the simplest to the most bizarre designs, clothes have been evolving. Other prefer the most simple and cleanest cuts, showing less of the skin while others choose the thinnest textile, most aggressive cuts and lay outs.

Whatever the designs, it has been recycling what has been thought to be obsolete, boring and past the trend.

The 70’s started the craze for high hemlines, wide pants and block heels. It has been the statement of the century. The disco era has been marked as the most colorful year of the fashion industry until the 80’s came in.

The 80’s sparked the punk army boots, chains and tattered pants. Dark eye liners have been trendy and bizarre hair styles where all over the place. Denim skirts, leather skin-tight pants and ripped sweatshirts.

From punk rock to full metal blast, the 90’s emerged with long greasy black hair, flannel shirts, belly buttons, black lipstick and all that are dark and black.

Then the pop decade emerged in 2000’s. Pop culture brought back more color to the fashion industry. But that did not leave the other fashion trends back to the shadow. All these fashion trends continued to co-exist.

Now in the 21st century, more bizarre and liberated clothing designs keep popping up. And most of these designs depend on your music of choice. But in today’s fashion style, we have been welcoming back designs from 60’s and 70s and has seemed to gain their popularity back. Thanks to the hit stars, music artists and icons who continue to venture the world of unique fashion. Visit Homepage for more..