Online casinos like Easy Slots are flourishing these days, along with their real life counterparts. Even ten years ago a night out at the casino was strictly synonymous with Las Vegas and a smaller proportion of the population would pay regular visits, but now most big cities in the UK have their own venues and more and more people are attending. These same guests will often have their own online accounts and visit them regularly as a hobby. But which is better and why? We’ve asked some players for their personal views.

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Joe, 27 – prefers real

I’ve got online casino accounts and I do enjoy them but for me, nothing beats meeting up with friends and heading to the casino for the night. It’s a great social occasion, we all keep each other in line financially and cheer each other on (quietly of course) when we’re winning. Our local casino is situated close to our favourite bars so if we decide on a few drinks first it’s handy enough to make a proper event of it. I just love the atmosphere.

Kelly, 36 – prefers online

I do enjoy the occasional night at the casino, but honestly, I have far more fun with my online account. I can play wherever I want, any time of the day, and I can wear whatever I like to do it! It’s just as exciting and much less hassle. I don’t have to wait for a space at my favourite tables or feel that people are judging me for sticking to one game all session. It’s a fun hobby I really enjoy so I prefer to feel that I am completely relaxed when I play.

Louise, 30 – prefers real

We’ve had a casino in town for a couple of years now and I thoroughly enjoy heading there with the girls. We know the staff, they’re all friendly and we know a lot of the regulars as well. We have a few drinks and usually eat there too. We’ve had some really exciting nights, watching some of the people we know have some seriously big wins. We’re still waiting to make our fortune but between us we’re quite happy with our record and it’s usually a less expensive evening than going clubbing. After all, how many nights out are there where you get the chance to win back what it costs you?

Andrew, 42 – prefers online

I’ve had an account at Baby Slots for a while now and it’s always been far luckier for me than any other form of gambling I’ve taken part in, including visiting a real casino. I find the returns are bigger, there’s just more players at the sites and bigger sums are involved. Personally I trust the automated processes behind the sites more than I trust some of the staff I’ve come across at real casinos. I think it’s fairer. Most importantly I like playing without an audience, I have to admit that gets on my nerves. I concentrate better this way.

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