The History of Gambling

The History of Gambling

Gambling goes back to the beginning of time; well, not that far but it does stretch way back to the Ancient Greeks and Ancient China. Humans love to gamble. It’s a fact. Over the centuries, it has evolved. From drawings on tiles through to online casinos, it’s certainly changed with the times. Here’s a brief run through of gambling in different periods in history and what gambling was to them.

As far back as Ancient China, archaeologists and historians have discovered evidence of people playing a game of chance. In fact, long ago in 2,300 BC, people were playing with tiles with ancient drawings on. Keno slips have been discovered as part of lottery funding, a tradition that still continues to this day. So you can see, even before, gambling is part of our lives that affect the current era.

The Romans would gamble on pretty much anything (provided they had the money). One of the most popular forms of gambling was on animals and animal racing, and there was a huge trade in rearing animals for sport. One Roman Emperor, Elagabalus is said to have created the first lottery in Europe. Initially, it was a great game, with the emperor handing out houses and money as part of the winnings. Eventually though, he decided to make things a little nastier and unlucky winners could find themselves with hoards of bees and dead dogs. Luckily, that tradition hasn’t followed through to today.

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In the 1400s, Baccarat was a popular game in Italy and France and is still a widely enjoyed game. It has undergone many mutations and changes before it has arrived with the rules we know today. However, the word ‘baccarat’ is Italian for zero, which makes sense when the all the cards with ten, Jacks, Kings and Queens equal, you guessed it, zero. It didn’t become massively popular though until the 19th century.

casino gambleIn 1638, the first casinos arrived in Italy and boy were they popular. The first ever gambling house was the Ridotti and it was surprisingly innovative in that it came with its own set of government-controlled rules and regulations. It was free for all, but given society’s historic rifts between rich and poor, it’s no surprise that only the fabulously rich and wealthy could afford to play there. After all, what was there for the poor to wager? A chicken?  The main sorts of games played were lottery and basetta (a card game). This is also where the word casino was born.

Fast forward through history, and there are even more historical periods where new gambling games and rules came into fashion. In 1796, Roulette was introduced into Parisian society and since then, has been extremely popular and widespread. Poker is thought to have sprung into being sometime in the 1820s, but various versions and the idea behind it probably was in existence long before it became the game we know today.

Thrilling, Adrenaline-Pumping Speed

Thrilling, Adrenaline-Pumping Speed

Thrilling, Adrenaline-Pumping Speed

Many years ago, most people enjoyed passing the time by relaxing and soothing activities like knitting, reading and writing that allowed their body and mind to rest while at the same time exercising their imaginations and mindset. However, as years went by, some people became tired of this kind of lifestyle. Passing the time by these activities became slow, sluggish and boring. It wasn’t just enough to satiate their desires to look for something more entertaining. People slowly sought out a form of release for their worries, stress and boredom in terms of excitement, exhilaration and adrenaline-inducing action that blended and boiled their blood.

Extreme sports have become existent in our world today. Ranging from electrifying activities like mountain biking, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding and automobile racing, these sports became a source of entertainment for both the audience and the participants of these sports. Because of the sheer amount of excitement these sports initiated, extreme sports have become popular quickly and continue to be taken up by sports enthusiasts, thrill seekers and adventurers alike.

Motorcycle speedway is just one of those exhilarating sports. It involves riding a motorcycle while racing against other riders, usually ranging from three (3) up to five (5) riders, making a total of four (4) to six (6) competitors in one race. The setting is on an oval circuit, usually made out of dirt tracks or shale, where riders compete for the first place, going for a number of laps.

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But what makes motorcycle speedway different from other motorcycle racing sports? The motorcycles that are used during speedway races are only equipped with a single gear and possess no brakes, making it a more thrilling and action-packed experience for motorcycle enthusiasts. The participants use the surface of the track to perform slides on their motorcycles, executing powerslides or broadslides to turn into the curves. While going on straight tracks, the speedway motorcycles can reach incredible speeds at about 70 miles per hour or even more.

If you are looking for a different kind of adventure or a more thrilling experience when it comes to motorcycle sports, motorcycle speedway is a profound sport that puts you on the edge of your seat at all times, regardless if you’re just a simple member of the audience or an adventurous participant. Motorcycle speedway is indeed becoming more and more popular because of its speed and adrenaline-pumping action. visit

Casino Life – Real or Online?

Casino Life – Real or Online?

Online casinos like Easy Slots are flourishing these days, along with their real life counterparts. Even ten years ago a night out at the casino was strictly synonymous with Las Vegas and a smaller proportion of the population would pay regular visits, but now most big cities in the UK have their own venues and more and more people are attending. These same guests will often have their own online accounts and visit them regularly as a hobby. But which is better and why? We’ve asked some players for their personal views.

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Joe, 27 – prefers real

I’ve got online casino accounts and I do enjoy them but for me, nothing beats meeting up with friends and heading to the casino for the night. It’s a great social occasion, we all keep each other in line financially and cheer each other on (quietly of course) when we’re winning. Our local casino is situated close to our favourite bars so if we decide on a few drinks first it’s handy enough to make a proper event of it. I just love the atmosphere.

Kelly, 36 – prefers online

I do enjoy the occasional night at the casino, but honestly, I have far more fun with my online account. I can play wherever I want, any time of the day, and I can wear whatever I like to do it! It’s just as exciting and much less hassle. I don’t have to wait for a space at my favourite tables or feel that people are judging me for sticking to one game all session. It’s a fun hobby I really enjoy so I prefer to feel that I am completely relaxed when I play.

Louise, 30 – prefers real

We’ve had a casino in town for a couple of years now and I thoroughly enjoy heading there with the girls. We know the staff, they’re all friendly and we know a lot of the regulars as well. We have a few drinks and usually eat there too. We’ve had some really exciting nights, watching some of the people we know have some seriously big wins. We’re still waiting to make our fortune but between us we’re quite happy with our record and it’s usually a less expensive evening than going clubbing. After all, how many nights out are there where you get the chance to win back what it costs you?

Andrew, 42 – prefers online

I’ve had an account at Baby Slots for a while now and it’s always been far luckier for me than any other form of gambling I’ve taken part in, including visiting a real casino. I find the returns are bigger, there’s just more players at the sites and bigger sums are involved. Personally I trust the automated processes behind the sites more than I trust some of the staff I’ve come across at real casinos. I think it’s fairer. Most importantly I like playing without an audience, I have to admit that gets on my nerves. I concentrate better this way.

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